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Are Pet Skunks Legal in Alabama

Domesticated skunks are popular pet options in states where they are legal. For more than 60 years, native skunks have been bred and are very different from wild skunks. It is important to never try to catch a wild skunk and turn it into a pet. Wild skunks are not suitable for owning pets. Several activists [Who?] are seeking to legalize skunks in jurisdictions where they are currently banned. Their activities included supporting bills and testifying before legislative bodies. Overall, caring for skunks is more complicated and difficult than raising other pets due to their rarity. The difficulty of finding a veterinarian experienced in the treatment of skunks, the contradictory advice of various animal dyeing organizations and the lack of scientific knowledge about the physiology of skunks force many owners of skunks to take care of themselves. In addition, some skunks — especially those that have been abused — may bite, refuse to use litter or exhibit other negative behaviors, according to Jane Bone and Skunk Haven. Many countries, such as Japan, require all newly imported skunks to be quarantined. [23] In 2003, The Guardian reported that there were no quarantine kennels in the UK allowed to store skunks. [24] Please contact a veterinarian before receiving a skunk. Please do your homework BEFORE you get a skunk to make sure it`s the right pet for you.

Do not buy as a spontaneous pet. Make sure you want a pet skunk, once you`ve bought your skunk, you can`t return it and sell it without the right permits. This is illegal in most states! It is legal to give your skunk to someone. Skunks originated in America and are first mentioned in the historical accounts of Christopher Columbus. Skunks are believed to have been kept as pets by some Native American nations. [1] Farmers valued domesticated skunks for their ability to kill rodents and other pests. Stinky skins were also used for coats and were often presented as marten fur. Before the 1950s, they were sold under ambiguous names such as “American sand” and “Alaskan sand”. [2] The courts eventually decided that the customer must be informed of any purchase containing skunk parts.

As a result, the skunk fur market collapsed. Since then, skunks have mainly been bred as pets or as show animals. Leaving skunks alone outside is risky because, like ferrets, they do not have an insidious instinct and can easily get lost. [10] Uncapped skunks do not have their best defense against predators such as coyotes and foxes. Their myopia also makes them susceptible to becoming road killers. People in Alabama keep all kinds of animals as pets — and sometimes they seem to escape or are released — but not all furry or scaly friends are legal here. Skunks and other mammals can contract rabies by being bitten by an infected animal or by eating the carcass of an infected animal. Although it is quite rare for domesticated skunks to contract rabies, there have been many unfortunate cases where an uninfected pet bit a person and was then euthanized by animal control personnel so that its brain cells could be tested for rabies. With the exception of holders who intend to house skunks on their local authority`s property and therefore may need to obtain a permit, there are no restrictions on a person`s ability to keep a skunk as a pet in the UK. Unprotected native species can be legally owned, taken and imported without permission from the Ministry of Conservation. Import permits are not issued for foxes, raccoons and skunks purchased for importation into Canada as a personal pet.

[25] Owners of Pet Skunks is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the lives of captive-bred skunks. OOPS organizes an annual picnic and publishes a quarterly newsletter with informative articles about skunks, stories of human interest, puzzles, information about skunk laws, and regional and national events. [62] Most skunks can be trained at home through corner training. After deciding on a corner, a litter box with unscented garbage can be placed there. If the skunk misses the litter, the area should be saturated with ordinary white vinegar after cleaning to remove the smell so that it does not return to this place. Once the toilet of the skunk is installed, it can be moved to another place about four inches a day. The skunk may or may not follow. If this does not follow, it may be necessary to give in, let the skunk have this corner and block the view with a chair or shelf in the corner or any other decorative idea.

[8] The topic of what skunks should feed is highly controversial, according to Owners of Pet Skunks. [13] Mary Kaye Ashley`s book, A Comprehensive Guide to Raising a Pet Skunk, recommends a ratio of 50% vegetables, 40% skunk delights, and 10% other whole foods. Skunkie Delight is a homemade blend of cooked cereals (millet, oats, barley or brown rice), raw ground turkey, eggs, vegetable oil and a variety of vitamin and mineral powders. [14] There is no state-approved rabies vaccine or quarantine period for skunks in the United States. In Canada, Imrab 3 was used in a study on off-label use as a rabies skunk vaccine and is still not approved for use in skunks. [22] According to Vivianne Chernoff of Skunks as Pets Canada, if a skunk nibbles or bites and the owner can provide proof of vaccination, a 2-week quarantine is required. [Citation needed] Some states have exceptions or require owners to obtain permits for certain animals, while a handful of states have no specific requirements for owning wild animals as pets. Many states are aware of the penalties for illegal possession of exotic animals, which can range from fees to criminal charges. If an animal is not banned or requires a permit, it can be kept as a pet. However, no one can own more than 6 animals of any kind and no more than 25 wild animals without game at any given time. Coatis bred in captivity can be kept as pets, but proof of legal acquisition is required.

No permits are required in any county west of the Pecos River with a population of less than 25,000. In 2001, Del. George W. Owings III introduced a bill in the Maryland legislature to legalize skunks in that state. [53] Several officials spoke out against the measure before the Environment Committee. Mike Slattery, who testified on behalf of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, criticized the idea, saying it would promote “Bambi syndrome,” the tendency to domesticate wild animals. State health officials pointed out that the bill, HB 91, requires rabies vaccination when there is no state-approved rabies vaccine for skunks. [54] Some states require special permits in addition to USDA approval to sell skunks. U.S. laws on skunk possession vary greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Most states prohibit keeping skunks as pets. Skunks are probably best known for their ability to spray a foul-smelling liquid as a defense against predators. Most wild skunks only spray when injured or attacked as a defense mechanism. Mercaptan-emitting scent glands are usually removed in pet skunks around four weeks of age. Since 2006, this practice of deportation has been illegal in the United Kingdom. Skunks can be infested with roundworms for several weeks before the eggs are excreted in the stool. It is common for new skunks to have roundworms that may be too early in development to be detected by stool tests. Skunk experts agree that all new skunks should be treated against roundworms, and more than one treatment is needed. Diagnostic parasitologist Matt Bolek recommends that “a deworming program should probably begin at the age of 7 to 8 weeks and deworm every two weeks for 3 to 4 treatments.” [18] Permits are required to import legal pets listed in sections 4-71-6.5 of the Hawaii Administrative Rules.

These animals are subject to quarantine rules before being legally distributed to their owners. The term – illegal – means that in this state you can not own a skunk as a pet. The state has the right to kill your skunk if you get caught.

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