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Are Yurts Legal in Oregon

First of all, I want to thank Becky Kemery for her commitment and knowledge in the round world of yurts. Becky is the author of YURTS: Living in the Round. She is your ultimate guru and forerunner of life in yurts like your home. She spent many years in the mountains of the American Northwest in a cloth yurt. In her book YURTS: Living in the Round, she explains yurts, life experience and adventures. Last week, I spoke to Becky Kemery about codes and yurts. Her book was completed while she lived in her own portable cloth yurt on a permaculture farm in northern Idaho. Your website,, is a shell full of knowledge and pleasant details. Becky`s website is a comprehensive yurt educational resource that offers both information and inspiration. It is an indispensable destination for information that reaches and connects to the global yurt community.

The biggest code passing challenge for yurts is isolation. Yurt building regulations evaluate insulation only based on the R-value. The R-value (resistance to conductive heat transfer) only analyzes conductive insulation such as fiberglass. To date, there are no guidelines in the codes for reflective insulation, but the codes change every day. One of the most complicated problems people face when using yurts as a home or workplace is the building permit process. The code`s requirements vary from state to state and within counties and local communities. Individual officials, even in the same place, may interpret the rules differently. On top of that, many code managers have little or no experience with yurts, and the situation can get very confusing. Yurts range in diameter from 12 to 30 feet, and people often build bathrooms, mezzanine beds, kitchens, and laundry rooms in structures. What are the downsides?: If you don`t live alone, moving to a yurt is a farewell to private rooms. In the round rooms, everything that is individual can be seen.

Depending on the city`s zoning bylaws, living full-time in a yurt may not be “technically” allowed. Because the city classifies yurts as “transitional housing,” it can “limit the maximum amount of time a person or family can use the housing.” What are the downsides?: In most parts of the country, including Oregon, living in a small house on wheels is an act of civil disobedience. In Portland, the city is creating new areas for small houses. Until then, the structures are still not technically legal unless they are located in RV parks or campgrounds. As a membrane structure, yurts are generally classified as “alternative structures,” which has a unique set of code regulations. (See the “Building Code Excerpts” section below.) Now, Blair says the company sells “several hundred” yurts a year to customers around the world. About 200 Pacific Yurt apartments are located in Oregon State Parks. There is a difference between a “portable” fabric yurt and a “permanent” fabric yurt. Portable cloth yurts may have difficulty being approved for permanent residence. One option is to provide your code manager with contact information for an experienced yurt manufacturer. Usually they will compare themselves and solve difficulties, everyone wants to win. What`s the story?: Kol Peterson, co-owner and founder of the Caravan Tiny House Hotel in northeast Portland, is an expert on the little life — he even wrote a book about it, Backdoor Revolution.

He says that when the hotel opened its doors five and a half years ago, it was the first place to legally stay in a small house on wheels in the United States. Dear Sandra, Thank you for your interest in Rainier Outdoor and our amazing selection of yurts. We have many clients who have a Rainier yurt in Idaho and upgrade their yurt with a double layer of insulation and perform indoor installations. Yurts with a diameter of 27`, 30` and 33` have enough free height to make a loft very successful. I will follow up with an email containing our “introductory package” with more details. Search for an email from I will provide the contact details of the #1 yurt installer contractor who will come to your website. It`s from Sandpoint, ID.

Thank you again for your questions and Happy New Year! Dana ~ The yurt You have made the decision. Your dream home will be a brand new Rainier outdoor yurt and you can`t wait to start construction. While it can be intimidating, we`re here to help, let`s do it together. Just today, I spoke to Mike, the home inspector from Coos Bay, Oregon, about what to look for when approving a yurt. He was incredibly helpful with information about snow load and loved yurts. So don`t be afraid to call the building inspector closest to where you want to build. They have a lot of valuable information to help you before you start. Believe me, inspectors don`t like to mark your new home in red. They are smart, so call them, have a good idea of what it takes to build a happy and safe yurt.

We bought land from Lowman, ID. We want a holiday home with insulation and built to withstand wind, rain and snow. We also want this as a permanent structure with indoor sanitary facilities (grandmother`s state) lol. We are a family of 5 people, plus five other visits. Are there two-storey structures? Or structures with lofts? Hello and good day Dana, I hope this day will find you well. We are new retirees from the U.S. Army and a family of 5 with a dog. I am writing to see if your company can help me with any information. We are planning to build a yurt in the backcountry of New York. Through my research so far, I have found information on building codes and law enforcement agencies. It reads:.

The Building Code Enforcement Office requires a New York-approved Architec to provide wet-stamped technical drawings specific to your site.

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