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Armas De Defensa Personal Legales En Paraguay

In section 13, the designer includes the 38-gauge revolver, the 12-gauge and the 9-millimeter pistol as personal defense firearms, which the citizen may use both in the property and in the movable property (vehicle). “Defense starts with a mental attitude, you have to be attentive and know how to use these things, otherwise it`s useless,” Lahaye said. The military added that to date, there are a record 392,000 legally registered weapons. Since August 2011, permits for the transport of weapons to civilians have been issued in accordance with Law No. 4,036/2010 on Firearms, their Parts and Components, Ammunition, Explosives and Accessories, etc. (Publisher: Press Directorate – Communication). Deputy Edgar Ortíz (PLRA-Itapúa) presented a bill “amending articles 13 and 20 of Law 4036/10 on firearms, their parts and components, ammunition, explosives, accessories and others” to allow the carrying of weapons in private vehicles. For his part, Colonel Óscar Villagra of Dimabel said that the firearms most commonly used by authorized civilians are 38-gauge revolvers, 12-gauge shotguns and 9-millimeter pistols. Article 20 with regard to the carrying of firearms and ammunition stipulates that, in addition to the possession and carrying permits applicable to the motor vehicles in which they move, citizens must carry a reflective plate indicating that they are legitimate carriers of firearms issued by the competent authorities. First of all, however, it is important to clarify that the possession and carrying of weapons are different permits.

A team and NPY consulted self-defense expert Eduardo Lahaye on what to do to defend ourselves. The expert first pointed out that you only have to face strangers in case of danger to life and that it is always better to give away all your belongings to expose yourself. The wave of thefts, the violent attacks force citizens to double their attention. Self-defense in any dangerous situation can save our lives today more than ever, so we will show you what self-protection objects you can use. The mandate is granted by the War Materiel Directorate (Dimabel). This also happens in trading houses where weapons and ammunition are purchased. The most important requirement is not to have a criminal record. The goal, according to the reasoning, is to achieve a system of free carrying of weapons of personal defense (and not wars), for which it is established that the citizen can carry weapons in the vehicles in which he moves, which allows him to use the legitimate defense of his life, interests and / or property. if the occasion so requires. Instructor Nadia Alcaraz also showed the basic self-defense techniques of Krav Maga. He indicated that there are certain areas of the human body that are more prone to pain, such as the eyes, abdomen, neck and groin, where you need to attack with your hand without hesitation of time. The most requested self-defense elements at the moment are the extendable stick used even by peacekeepers, the paralyzing pepper spray, which has recently been most commonly used by women, the Kubota keychain and the famous electric pike.

“Possession is only so that the authorized person has the weapon in their vehicle or house, they cannot get it from there. He also can`t have the weapon loaded,” the officer added. However, to receive the transport, it is necessary to have possession of it beforehand. Villagra clarified that the renewal of possession, such as carrying, will not be carried out if the person has committed a crime with the weapon. Several workers, especially women, are the prime target of the attackers, they are caught on the public road, at the exit of work or a few meters from their homes by unscrupulous criminals, who in many cases do not just attack the dignity of the people. The port is granted by the National Police, prior to the request submitted to the institution, explains ULTIMAHORA.COM the head of the Department of Registration and Carrying Weapons of the National Police, Commissioner Ramón Ávila. So far, 1,961 permits have been issued to civilians, 2,504 to private companies and 22 to diplomats, for a total of 4,487 cards, according to the latest national police records. A revolver can cost between G. 2,400,000 and G.

6,000,000, depending on the caliber, while the price of a rifle is G. 7,000,000 and shotguns of G. 2,200,000 can be found. Each card is valid for 3 years from the date of issue, so the first cards granted expire in the coming months, Avila said. “Every day we see and hear through the media how criminals act freely, leaving citizens to their fate and losing their fortunes with total sadness, frustration and helplessness; We see how, in a few minutes, the fruits of his efforts are taken away from him, and even many compatriots have lost their lives trying to defend their property; Unfortunately, we see this sad reality every day,” explains the parliamentarian to justify his project. As for ammunition, a 6.35 caliber bullet can be purchased for only 3,200 G. at a time, or in boxes of 50 units. The most expensive bales cost about 20,000 G. per unit.

He added that between the extension and the first time, 200 job applications will be made per day. The qualification for these cases is also up to 3 years.

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