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Ministry of Finance Legal Consultant

It is expected that the effort for these tasks will not exceed 100 expert days. Due to the uncertain situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, the final decision on the modalities of meetings with stakeholders and the project team will be taken in accordance with formal recommendations. If face-to-face meetings are not possible, meetings are held remotely with project staff, government colleagues and local consultants. This results in written comments, adaptations and draft legal documents (treaties, statutes, regulations, etc.) and recommendations relating to points a. and b. above. The written work is complemented by other consultations requested by telephone, team and in person. founded. The National Legal Adviser will attend the meetings of this working group as required and provide advisory support to find legal solutions to the introduction of the ESCO funding mechanism. With the support of the URBANLED project team, the National Legal Adviser will provide all necessary advice and legal support to create the necessary conditions for the successful implementation and continued use of the ESCO funding mechanism in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

To enable this transformative change, the project provides technical support for the implementation of technically and economically feasible low-carbon solutions in key urban sectors and encourages their wider adoption by municipalities and the private sector through dedicated financing mechanisms. The project was funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and is implemented directly by the UNDP country office in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition, the national legal consultant will work closely with the international ESCO consultant and local consultants to prepare, design and implement ESCO pilot projects in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska. The National Legal Adviser will provide advisory and legal services for the development of the ESCO model in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska, including assistance in the development of legal segments of the ESCO financing mechanism such as contracts, statutes, regulations and other relevant regulations. The National Legal Advisor will provide legal support to the Climate Action Program Director, project team, project committee and government colleagues. The National Legal Adviser will work under the overall guidance and direct supervision of the Director of the Climate Change Mitigation Programme. However, the national legal consultant will work closely with the URBANLED project team and the international ESCO consultant on a daily basis. Where this weighted evaluation method is used, the contract should be awarded to the candidate whose tender has been evaluated and determined as follows: (a) compliant/compliant/acceptable and (b) the highest score based on a predefined set of tender-specific weighted technical and financial criteria. Interested applicants must submit the following documents/information to prove their qualifications: In the case of SR, most of the draft documentation and analysis required for the development of the ESCO model in SR (i.e. Analysis of ESCO`s requirements with regard to legal and institutional requirements as well as market and financial risk analysis; The criteria for selecting the private partner, conceptual model of the ESCO mechanism, accounting model) were developed in 2020 and will be adapted and redesigned during 2021, while the start of the tests is scheduled for the second half of 2021. In the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, activities so far have resulted in draft regulations for energy service contracts and implementation/energy performance contracts and model contracts for energy renovation of public buildings and energy renovation of public lighting systems.

At the same time, the URBANLED project launched the ESCO contract pilot project for the energy renovation of selected public buildings in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Recently, the project initiated the establishment of the working group, which will be composed of representatives of the Ministry of State Finance and Finance, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations, the Ministry of Finance of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Industry, the Ministry of Spatial Planning of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Fund of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the Protection of the environment. This working group will work together to find a solution for the introduction of the ESCO financial mechanism, i.e. to find an appropriate accounting model in relation to the rules issued by Eurostat. The person will be assessed according to the following methodology: The National Legal Adviser responsible for assisting in the implementation of ESCO`s financing mechanisms in Bosnia and Herzegovina: So far, the URBANLED project has provided technical support to responsible institutions at enterprise level (i.e. Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Fund for Environmental Protection, Ministry of Energy, Mines and Industry of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency and Ministry of Land, Civil Engineering and Ecology of Republika Srpska) in the development of ESCO funding models adapted to the respective institutional and legal frameworks. The consultant is hired as required and requested by the project team. He/she will be paid for services based on the effort declared for the work requested (this may include the number of expert days and travel expenses). Please scan all of the above documents and upload them as online attachments only via this website.

Government Hospital jobs in Mysore Karnataka – 550 positions of security guard and 5-point max sweeper – are evaluated as: 5 points for fluent skills and points decrease according to the level indicated in the CV: good – 4 points; fair / upper intermediate – 3 points; Intermediate – 2 points; Beginners – 1 point. Due to a long period of neglect and underinvestment, Bosnia and Herzegovina`s urban infrastructure, public and residential buildings, energy systems and utilities, waste management and transport need to be developed and modernized. From an overall environmental point of view, this situation contributes to a steady increase in greenhouse gas emissions, which are mainly associated with energy consumption in public facilities. Public institutions are also the largest energy consumers and main sources of GHG emissions in Bosnia and Herzegovina`s municipalities. The modernization, modernization and extension of municipal buildings, infrastructure and services in Bosnia and Herzegovina will improve the quality of life in cities and bring a number of important local and global environmental and sustainable development benefits. All this has led to the fact that ESCO in Bosnia and Herzegovina is still a new concept that is not properly introduced. Knowledge of English and the national language in Bosnia and Herzegovina Among the various obstacles faced by energy efficiency projects, the lack of appropriate financing mechanisms is a significant obstacle.

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