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National Diploma in Legal Secretary

This programme provides you with the specialist knowledge and skills to seek employment as a legal secretary or legal administrative assistant in a variety of contexts, including law firms, government agencies, health agencies, education agencies, and legal departments of organisations in the for-profit and non-profit sectors. This work is done to prepare information for relevant clients or brands that lawyers such as lawyers use in court. Law firms rely on legal secretaries and assistants to handle day-to-day matters, such as preparing subpoenas, motions, and subpoenas, so lawyers and paralegals can focus on preparing cases. Prepare to meet these requirements with Purdue Global`s Legal Secretary Certificate. While the duties of the Legal Secretary vary depending on the practice setting, the size of the firm and/or the legal specialty, a number of responsibilities remain constant throughout the profession, such as: The online Legal Secretary Certificate Program is designed to provide you with an introduction to legal secretarial skills. You`ll learn from professors who offer real-world expertise in legal, law, and policy advice. Senior Legal Secretaries are often responsible for higher-level tasks, many of which may be highly confidential or sensitive, such as: A legal secretary must be proficient in South African legal practices and use it to support an organisation`s legal managers. Strong administrative, IT and communication skills are required to exercise day-to-day operational skills. This exciting and dynamic job requires you to work in complex situations, often with tight deadlines, while preparing information for relevant customers or brands. If you have the personality for a career as a legal secretary, this course will provide you with knowledge of legal and office practices, information processing, communications, marketing and human resource management. Many schools now offer legal secretary diploma/certification programs in a comprehensive online format.

These programs allow students to meet all program requirements, including courses and hands-on training exercises, through an interactive, web-based format. Courses as part of a Legal Secretary Career Certificate/Diploma program often include: Paralegals tend to focus on case management, such as: preparing case summaries, research, and documenting cases. Many paralegals help lawyers in court, although they are not allowed to give legal advice or represent a client in court. And like lawyers, paralegals can often specialize in a particular area of law, such as immigration, bankruptcy, baking, business defense, and criminal defense. Obtain voluntary professional certification – Professional certification, although a voluntary process, is common among legal secretaries who wish to achieve a high level of credibility in the profession and enhance their employment opportunities. Students must pass and pass all four parts of the exam to pass. The PLS certificate is valid for a period of 5 years. Recertification requires at least 75 hours of legal training and activities over the five-year certification period. The National Association for Legal Professionals (NALS) offers the Professional Legal Secretary (PLS) designation to legal secretaries who have three years of experience in the legal field or a post-secondary degree. Qualified candidates must pass and pass the PLS exam, which consists of four parts: And while legal secretaries perform some of the traditional tasks of their predecessors, such as answering the phone, filing and organizing, they now play a much larger role in law firms, performing high-value activities such as managing client relationships and creating legal documents.

Today`s legal secretary certification programs and voluntary national certification opportunities provide individuals with the skills and qualifications to meet the rigors, challenges and opportunities of the profession now and in the future. The BLS figures also show that the highest-paid states for legal secretaries during this period were: According to the American Bar Association (ABA), the legal secretary`s job description is dynamic and constantly evolving to adapt to technological advances and the complexity of the U.S. legal system. Legal secretaries are highly adaptable professionals who can work under pressure and tight deadlines. These professionals are self-disciplined and expert in time management, and they have excellent interpersonal communication and organizational skills. Legal secretaries have strong drafting skills as they are responsible for drafting and reviewing correspondence and legal documents on a daily basis. A legal secretary assists the legal directors of a law firm. They do this thanks to their knowledge of court procedures and documentation, which is done with strong administrative, IT and communication skills. Many legal secretary certification programs administer the exam for postgraduate students.

The PLS review request and related documents can be found here. Legal secretaries and paralegals are useful to lawyers, but legal secretaries are responsible for administrative tasks such as preparing forms and scheduling interviews, while paralegals are responsible for more intimate legal matters, such as finding and interviewing witnesses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), legal secretaries earned an average salary of $46,470 in May 2015, with the richest 10 percent in the profession earning more than $72,890. Legal secretaries perform essential administrative tasks in a law firm or other legal environment, although their advanced knowledge and skills of the legal system and the nuances of legal practice set them apart from typical administrative assistants. Similarly, the highest-paid metropolitan areas for legal secretaries were: Legal secretaries often assist lawyers and paralegals in a variety of ways. They are tasked with traditional secretarial roles such as answering phone calls and greeting clients, but most importantly with additional dimensions, such as preparing legal documents and creating presentations. This online legal secretary training program is designed to help you gain the knowledge, skills, and work habits employers are looking for when hiring legal secretaries or legal administration assistants. Paralegals have a thorough understanding of the legal system and substantive and procedural law. To become a paralegal, individuals must complete an official paralegal program approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). Paralegal programs are offered in the form of diploma, associate and bachelor`s degree programs. If you are interested in working as a lawyer, but not necessarily as a lawyer, you can consider other non-legal jobs here: Your legal secretary studies aim to provide you with the relevant knowledge and skills that all lawyers in the workforce need. As such, you will become familiar with all legal and office practices so that you can communicate and navigate the legal world.

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